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Are you constantly worried about your weight, feeling sluggish, or maybe you've recently been diagnosed with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, have chronic back and joint pain?  The key to health and happiness is developing life-long, sustainable changes one step at a time.  Small changes can make BIG differences!

  • My goal is to engage my clients on an emotional level and provide an enjoyable experience that not only strengthens their physical skills but also their adherence to maintain a healthy life style.
  • I provide a FREE  in studio fitness consultation to discuss your fitness needs and goals!




Me in my Fit 4 You Fitness Studio

Designing workouts that work for you! 

Fit 4 YOU Personal Training…it is more than just fitness!

  • My years of experience have given me the ability to push you past your self-imposed limits in an environment that is comfortable for new exercisers and progressive for advanced exercisers.

Corrective Exercise addresses muscle imbalances that cause loss of flexibility, weakness, joint dysfunction, and pain.  Based on postural and movement assessments, I design a program with specific exercises to improve posture and joint function in a pain free manner.  This type of training allows you to move in the most efficient way to reach your fitness goals!

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