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INJURY PREVENTION FOR ATHLETES - Training to improve performance and reduce injuries

Client using a foam roller to inhibit tight overactive glute muscles that affects movemet and thus sports performance.

Exercise Fitness Assessment- (Included in all Personal Training Packages) are a key component in determining movement efficiency and potential risks for injury. These assessments help me in designing a specific corrective exercise program to enhance overall performance, thus decreasing the risk for injury.   I then teach proper mechanics and postural alignment with the focus being on building core strength, agility, and flexibility.

Why is Corrective Exercise beneficial for athletes? 

Corrective Exercise addresses muscle imbalances that cause loss of flexibility, weakness and pain. Even the fittest athletes I know have muscle imbalances. Based on a simple movement assessment, I am able to detect any muscle imbalances (underactive or overactive muscles) and thus prescribe exercises to either strengthen or lengthen these specific muscles.

This type of training allows you to improve your fitness level and performance with the least amount of stress to the joints. This all equates to improved muscle and joint strength, which makes you faster and stronger.  Corrective exercise has also been proven to be highly effective in reducing injury to joints.

I have noticed a big difference when it comes to sports. I am more aggressive and can out power just about any girl I play against. My balance has increased because of working the core.

Susan is a great motivator and will not do a workout that she herself cannot do. She shows you how to do it in proper form so you don't get hurt. I love working with Susan and would recommend her to anyone no matter how in shape you are.                 Chelsey Turk , age 16

Being an athletic softball player, I was looking to improve my game. She was able to improve my endurance and stamina to help my stamina through long tournaments.I enjoyed working with her and hope to go back in the near future."  

Shelby Liebenow, age 13

"Susan is teaching me and strengthening me to be a better and stronger girl athlete. My mom and I meet with Susan once a week. I am given exercises to learn and then do that workout at home. My coaches have noticed my strength and balance has increased! I look forward to working and getting stronger with Susan in 2018". Nora Buske age 12

Personal Training Packages
Three 1 Hour Sessions  $150
 Includes one Exercise Fitness Assessment &  Program Design
Six 1 Hour Sessions ($20 discount)  $280
Includes one Exercise Assessment & Program Design
Six week follow-up assessment
Twelve 1 Hour Sessions ($50 discount)  $550
Includes one Exercise Fitness Assessment
Two Program Designs
Two six week follow-up assessments
Items listed below are all included in the Prepaid Packages listed above. If purchased separately,     rates are as follows...
Individual session - 1 Hour  $50
Exercise Fitness Assessment - 1.5 Hrs.  $75
The Exercise Fitness Assessment is highly recommended for new clients and anyone with health/and or muscular skeletal conditions. The assessment allows me to design you an individualized program. Postural/Movement and Flexibility          assessments are taken to determine muscle imbalances that restrict movement.  Body composition, cardiovascular, and strength measurements are taken to be used as a baseline to compare progress.
**Please note:Packages are pre-paid**

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