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CLASSES - "Fit 4 YOU" Fitness Studio classes are all about having FUN getting FIT!


Classes are highly personalized to provide you with a chance to push yourself safely toward your goals. Because of Susan's extensive knowledge and experience, she is able to modify any exercise which makes these classes suitable for all fitness levels. More importantly, you will make new friends that motivate and support you!

Happy BACKYARD Bootcamp fitness friends!


As featured on the PBS Show Around the Corner with John McGivern
Watch the minute and half segment    

Outdoors at "Fit 4 YOU" Fitness Studio, 1 mile NE of Mayville

TWO Sessions-

$45 for one or $80 for both

4:30 & 5:45 pm

Who doesn't want to build LEAN muscle, meet new friends, feel better, and have FUN doing it...that is what BACKYARD BOOTCAMP is all about!

This fun-filled calorie-blasting bootcamp incorporates a mix of strength and cardio circuits using tires, training ropes, resistance bands, TRX, weights, medicine balls, and more! No worry, I train you how to use these!

It starts with a group warm-up, two minutes at each circuit, group abs, and ends with awesome stretches! I provide modifications for all exercises. You can make this Bootcamp as hard or as easy as YOU want...

Max participants 14- Fills up fast!

Susan Retzlaff
Mayville, Wi. 53050




BACKYARD Bootcamp group plank exercise.
Training rope exercises
BACKYARD Bootcamp group picture.

Outdoor workouts rule! SHARE with your friends>

Circuit Style Fit & Fun Class - Small group-very personalized

Location: "Fit 4 YOU" Fitness Studio,
Tuesdays 4:45 and 6:00 pm  - One hour class             

When was the last time you had so much fun you didn't realize you were working out until you stopped?
Experience this calorie burning class that mixes strength and cardio circuits that are highly effective to build lean muscle and have fun while you are doing it! End the hour with yoga infused stretches that put a smile on your face.

Only six participants in each class, so you'll receive a lot of individualized instruction.                     

• Send payment to
Susan Retzlaff,

Mayville 53050.
Write the class time you prefer on the check.

STRENGTH & STRETCH- Low impact class

Location: "Fit 4 YOU" Fitness Studio

Call or message if interested and when I have 5-6 people I will hold a class                                                           

Experience yoga-infused stretches and core strengthening movements for the whole body. These exercises will enhance flexibility, postural alignment, and build strength.  Learn techniques to develop strong lean flexible muscles to restore mobility and achieve muscle balance.  
Prepayment  to hold a spot
Six participants max...the class fills up fast!
Send payment to: Susan Retzlaff,  Mayville, WI  53050

*Please write name of class on the check

FOAM ROLLING -Myofascial Release & Stretch Workshop

Dates based on interest- Contact me if interested.

Location: "Fit 4 YOU" Fitness Studio
You will learn Foam rolling  techniques that  knead out knots or restrictions in muscles and stretches to go with each muscle group.

Alleviates muscle tightness
Decrease joint stiffness
Reduces exercise soreness
Helps correct muscle imbalances
Improves joint range of motion


Susan Retzlaff
Mayville, WI  53050


Youth BOOTCAMP * Putting Fun back into Fitness  Ages 10-14

Check out my training for young athletes under the Injury Prevention for Athletes tab


Location: Outside at Fit 4 You Fitness Studio


Build confidence as they enjoy circuits of cardio or strength exercises outside


  • Focus is on exercise Form & Technique

  • Reduce risk of Injuries

  • Skills will apply to any sport (Speed & Agility drills)

  • Build Confidence & Self Esteem

  • Learning that Fitness can be FUN!                                                                                                    

Send payment to: Susan Retzlaff
Mayville 53050


Completed courses in Speed, Agility & Quickness Course and Corrective Exercise for Athletes  in Jan. 2018

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