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If gyms aren't for you...Fit 4 YOU Fitness Studio is!

I get it! Gyms aren't always fun and can be intimidating. My studio provides an environment that is large enough to teach classes and personal train, but small enough to create a friendly workout studio.  I like to think of it as a mix of health & happiness!

My studio has all the functional equipment you need to build lean muscle, increase your cardiovascular endurance, gain flexibility, improve posture and balance in an energizing atmosphere! 
Fit 4 YOU Fitness Studio has no machines that just work one muscle group. All equipment and exercises involve multi-muscle movements that burn more calories and more importantly engage the CORE!

The studio has TRX, kettlebells, free weights, weighted bars, resistance bands,  Lat pull up, plyo boxes, training ropes, BOSU and stability balls, myofascial rolls, Rollga roll and yoga mats. Everything you need to reach your fitness goals!

Training can be done at my studio or the TAG Center in Mayville, Wi.

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