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CORRECTIVE for everyone!

Client is using a foam roll which is a form of myofascial release to loosen up tight overactive back muscles.

What is Corrective Exercise? 

Corrective Exercise addresses muscle imbalances that cause loss of flexibility, weakness and pain. Even the fittest people I know have muscle imbalances. Based on a simple movement assessment, I am able to see any muscle imbalances (underactive or overactive muscles) and thus prescribe exercises to either strengthen or lengthen these specific muscles. If muscle imbalances are noticed in the first session, all corrective exercise is included and part of your exercise program.

This type of training allows you to improve your fitness level and performance with the least amount of stress to the joints. This all equates to improved muscle and joint strength, which makes it easier to the body to lose or maintain weight.  Corrective exercise has also been proven to be highly effective in reducing pain and injury to joints.



My name is John and I’ve had health issues that needed attention. Mainly, I needed to strengthen my shoulder and loosen my hip flexor muscles. I’ve been seeing a massage therapist, she recommended Susan. I went for 12 sessions and I’m glad I did! Some exercises Susan had me do, I thought …no way can I do them, but through the sessions they became easier and enjoyable.  My groin pain had lessened and I can walk without pain. We are still working on the shoulder issue which is getting better.  Susan has been very caring and gentle at guiding me in the right direction. Give it a try and watch the healing begin.

Thank you Susan!

If needed Corrective Exercise is included in all Personal Training Packages.

Personal Training Packages
Three 1 Hour Sessions  $150
 Includes one Exercise Fitness Assessment &  Program Design
Six 1 Hour Sessions ($20 discount)  $280
Includes one Exercise Assessment & Program Design
Six week follow-up assessment
Twelve 1 Hour Sessions ($50 discount)  $550
Includes one Exercise Fitness Assessment
Two Program Designs
Two six week follow-up assessments
Items listed below are all included in the Prepaid Packages listed above. If purchased separately,     rates are as follows...
Individual session - 1 Hour  $50
Exercise Fitness Assessment - 1.5 Hrs.  $75
The Exercise Fitness Assessment is highly recommended for new clients and anyone with health/and or muscular skeletal conditions. The assessment allows me to design you an individualized program. Postural/Movement & Flexibility assessments are taken to determine muscle imbalances that restrict movement.  Body composition, cardiovascular, and strength measurements are taken to be used as a baseline to compare progress.
**Please note:Packages are pre-paid**

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