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Strength Training a must to lose Weight.

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Use free weights to build muscle to lose and especially to maintain that weight loss.

Why is Strength Training (weight lifting) a MUST?

Adults who do NOT strength train lose between 5-7 lbs. of muscle every decade. Muscle is a very active tissue, so muscle LOSS is accompanied by a reduction in metabolism. Research shows that a strength training program performed 2-3 times per week can build about 3 lbs. of muscle in approximately 8 weeks. Research also shows that ADDING 3 lbs. of muscle can increase our resting metabolism and burn up to 7-10% more calories, even at rest. How nice to burn more calories while you are sleeping!

Need MORE REASONS to start a strength training program…

1. APPEARANCE: Muscle takes up less body space and has a smooth lean look

2. INCREASES BONE DENSITY: Helps prevent osteoporosis, strengthens bones, ligaments, and tendons to decrease risk of injuries.

3. REDUCES BACK PAIN: A strong CORE may be the best single measure for preventing back pain.

4. REDUCES ARTHRITIC PAIN: Improves joint function and mobility decreasing pain.

5. It’s our HAPPY PILL: It boosts energy and self-confidence and is effective for reducing depression and stress.


Strength training requires resistance (weight) such as free weights, weight machines, resistance bands, or using your body weight as resistance. To build muscle the muscle needs to work harder than it is used to. In other words it needs to be over loaded to the point of muscle fatigue. You can achieve the benefits of a stronger body in 20-25 minutes of strength training 2-3 times a week. Always perform warm up exercises before strength training and cool down stretching exercises after. Listen to your body, and never work to the point of pain.

Weak muscles fatigue quickly limiting our physical activity.

Strength Training helps us move better, feel better and lose and maintain weight improving our quality of life!

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Lets work as a team to build MUSCLE and lose weight!

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